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Creating a new education paradigm
for 21st century sports manpower!

The only university that specializes in golf in Korea

Korea Golf University is the only University with the highest level of faculty and advanced education facilities that specializes in golf in Korea. In addition, we are training golf tour professionals, golf instructors, golf competition operators, golf equipment manufacturers and distributors, and experts for golf media companies.

Even though Korea Golf University is a new university that was just founded in 2011, we have grown into a prestigious golf university and already achieved remarkable achievements in various fields.

In 2015, we had an accreditation for higher education by Evaluation & Accreditation Council and in 2016, we earned the qualification of bachelor's degree course from Ministry of Education. On February, 2018, we sent out bachelor's graduate. And the athlete intensive programs that started in 2016 produce more than 31 professional golfers in 2017.

Furthermore, for 7 years since 2011, our athletes won a total of 50 in domestic and overseas golf tournaments, including LPGA. At the end of 2017, Ministry of Education and Korea Educational Development Institute announced that our university employment rate of 73.1% is much higher than the university average employment rate of 67.7%. In particular, 82.6% and 81.3% of the graduates in Dept. of Golf Business and Golf Course Landscape are the highest employment rate in Arts and Sports field. We are contributing greatly to the development of Korea Golf Industry.

2020 World's Best Golf University

Korea Golf University will establish an Asian golf hub through training global golf talents and advance toward '2020 World's Best Golf University'.For this goal, we will create a new educational paradigm that fosters 21st century sports talents who have both upright character and skill.

Thank you for your continuous interest and love.

President, Korea Golf University